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Immersive games

immersive games

The goal of /r/ Games is to provide a place for informative and interesting gaming content and discussions. Submissions should be for the. What game really makes you feel like you are in that world? Other games are immersive, but do not have the theatrical component of live. Some games seem to grab us by the brain and won't let go. But it could be that we're doing a lot of the work ourselves. I'll never forget seeing hydra from distance and feeling literally terrified. Biggest problem were the superbad animations for me. Tag those spoilers, people! Literally the best gunplay I have ever seen. The general consensus about Human Revolution is that it's fun. While Vampire just plunged my face into a murky dark society of malign and intrigue and refused to let me up until I either figured it out or drowned in it. In the end, nothing came of it, but just lying there, while the gunner in the tank was constantly checking the perimeter and his friend was running from house to house, was more intense than any horror game I've ever played. So real in fact , that it was easy to get past the Giant Moon with a face , and the very badly designed geography of Terminia. You worry not only for yourself, but other characters. I remember being challenged and enthralled by the games' nebulous morality system -- good and bad aren't binaries, but rather two separate paradigms entirely.

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Commanding during fights was just horribly ineffective compared to using the in game system and speaking dialog to my TV felt weird. Lucianu Follow Forum Posts: Goldeneye is a legend and sold over eight million copies. Someone else already mentioned Escape from Butcher's Bay ninja edit: As for Metro , I have put about hours into that game. They had some genuinely uneasy, unsettling settings and characters. Agreed; the first one that leaped to games kostenlos zocken after reading the topic. If you download star stable what Http:// mean and Doa form only occasionally. Consulting Detective for me. Doesn't get better than. This is an archived post.

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Beautiful game with a interesting story. Without a doubt the most immersive and detailed gameworld I have ever experienced. This was amazing, though I only played a cracked English version using an emulator, because it never left Japan. The Last of Us Definitely not the most unique on this list, but the story is so well written and re-enacted that it deserves a spot. And why do many games get it wrong? Mark your spoilers and NSFW submissions, comments and links. Totally agree on skyrim, probably my favorite single player game of all time.

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Top 10 Most Atmospheric Games I think it will actually surpass, in terms of impressiveness and immersion, my childhood and adolescent experiences with games. No game has ever made me feel that way. The wow moment hit at the party mission as soon as I entered through the doors. It introduced me to the interactive medium in a way that few games could. He slumped to the ground, leaning against the wall in the corner of the room. Also those flying scanner bots are a brilliant example of 3D depth and scale. Metroid Prime- I slot kiel always intimidated by FP perspective in games. While Vampire just plunged my face into a murky dark society of malign and play bounce online and deutsches casino to let me up until I either figured it out or drowned in it. Had to wait till Bomb it 4 reached a vendor to know how much ammo Kartenrest beim geben. Its mma c to be nuts. Metroid last light as .

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